Family Friendly Info

We've often heard friends complain that they can't come and enjoy a visit to the Hunter Valley because they have children.  Well enough is enough, toughen up people, you can do it, even with kids!

There are plenty of family friendly things to do in the Hunter Valley, yes even including wine tasting!

So make sure you check back here often as we add events and things to do around the Hunter Valley that are family friendly.

If you have any queries as to what may or may not be suitable for kids, feel free to contact us, we're happy to inspect a venue and find out if kids are firstly welcome, and secondly if the rugrats will enjoy their time there!


  • Hunter Valley Gardens - plenty to keep the kids occupied, there's aqua golf, the gardens to explore (although can be pricey, we'll add info re specials), a large, safe and enclosed playground, bbq & picnic areas, ice cream shop. During the school holidays they run a multitude of kids special days.

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