Friday, April 15, 2011

Action Aerobatics - for the thrill seeker

For the thrill seekers out there who find the wineries and other attractions a bit slow paced, here’s something for you.

My (Cam) father is an aircraft nut. He has flown radio controlled aircraft his whole life and last year came up and stayed with us when we went to the Williamstown air show.

He’s been up in a Tiger Moth joy flight with the Red Barron that use to fly around Sydney, he’s flown Tandem Gliders and dreams of a Spitfire joy flight but they are a bit out of the budget at the moment.

Mel was glancing through those special offer emails you receive every day when she spotted a special deal for Action Aerobatics (, who are based at Rutherford Airport at Maitland.
They were offering discount acrobatic flights in there Pitts Specials. I knew this was right up dads ally so we forwarded the email on to him and we received a reply five minutes later that he had signed up for a flight.
Pitts Special - Action Aerobatics
The day arrives and it’s a perfect clear day with just a bit of breeze but that doesn’t worry these pocket rockets.  The pilot runs dad through the options for the flight from a cruisy scenic tour over the vineyards to the full blown acrobatic flight involving loops, rolls, stall turns plus a few other tricks. Dad turns 69 shortly and there was no way he was doing anything but the full blown acrobatics.  So they get him kitted up for the flight with his biggles pilots helmet on, they run him through all the drills on what they will go through on the flight and they are off.
About to taxi for take off
They go on a quick cruise over some of the wineries then come back close to the airport and start the thrill seeker part of the flight. The way these guys throw these little rockets around the sky is amazing, he seemed to spend as much time upside down as he did upright. 

The fifteen minute flight seemed to go on for a lot longer than that as we waited for them to land and taxi back to the hanger.

You should have seen the grin on dads face when he squeezed himself out of the cockpit. He told us it was everything he expected and then some and was ready to go right back up and do it all again.
Happy flyer post flight
So for those of you who need a bit more action in your weekends away give these guys a ring. My dad didn’t stop buzzing about it for the whole weekend.

Cam's father was a paying customer at Action Aerobatics

Action Aerobatics
Rutherford Aerodome
New England Highway, Rutherford NSW
Tel: +61 (0) 408 474 307


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